For Schools

For Schools.

Programs only for Schools:

1- Schools Rainbow .. 

Schools rainbow Event, activities that create an opportunity for students to sustain their Art capabilities and unleash creativity.

Ceramique Café is the right destination for schools. Where pleasure with education combined – “edutainment”. Learning through “Fun” is one of the most powerful mediums of learning.

Our concept gave the chance for the principals and teachers to provide the right way for the students to devote their unleashed creativity & imagination through art. Now with our concept the Arts, Geometry, History and Sciences can be thought in a more enjoyable way of ceramic painting.

– Special Calendar Events: Ramadan, Eid, Halloween, Xmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Teacher Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Day, ….

– Special School Events: Speech Day, theatre production, parent evenings, kermes, fund raising, School Fairs, charity events…

– Themes: Nature, the environment, the planet, geometry, Greek mythology, historical events, mosaic art, abstract art, impressionism, surrealism, aboriginal art, etc.

We also bring ceramics, painting materials and painting concept in your school premises via our Ceramics To Go .

2- After school programs

At Céramique Café we offer extracurricular activities that include “Fun Art” not fine art! With our programs kids will explore a multitude of art mediums from ceramic painting, canvas painting and art workshops. Our after-school program is best suited for children ages 4 – 12