For Adults

For Adults.

Programs only for Adults:

Céramique Cafe offers a wide variety of art mediums for adults of all ages to enjoy.

Want a fun night out with friends?
Drop in anytime or call ahead to reserve a table and paint some ceramics over a cup of cappuccino 🙂
Céramique Cafe is placed to relax, unplug and unwind after a long day.

1- Adult Parties .. 

Book the Studio for a Private Birthday Party, BYOB Canvas or Pottery Paint Night … etc. Enquire with staff for more details and we can help you plan your fun night out.

2- Corporate Team Building Events

At Céramique Cafe we love hosting Corporate Team Building Events. Need to connect with staff and team members? Why not do it while creating unique pieces of art; personalized coffee mugs for the break room, a corporate sign tile wall art project? We have lots of ideas to help your team collaborate.

We offer fun and creative events sure to make everyone enjoy themselves for an hour or two. Relaxing, unplugging and unwinding helps staff to reconnect and be more productive.