A new concept unique to Céramique Café is that it is a Cafe and an Art Studio at the same time. It is a place where guests have fun in painting their ceramics.

Dream it

…do it!

Step One

Choose it!

Choose from a wide selection of bisque displayed on our impact wall.
Our bisques are A+ quality. We have more than 500 hundred cast and pressed bisque shapes.

Step Two

Sketch it!

Plan and sketch your design. We recommend that you browse and select from our gallery of designs and stencils and transfer it on your bisque

Step Three

USE it!

Choose your under glazes and painting materials. We have more than hundreds of shades available plus a bunch of painting gadgets and materials that you can use.

Step Four

Paint it!

Paint it! Either you just let your emotion direct your brush strokes or try various painting techniques that our wait staff can teach you.

Step Five

Leave it!

Leave your piece and let us do the final touch. It’s time to glaze and fire your piece.

Step Six

OWN it!

Visit us back after seven days and claim your masterpiece. Take it home and start thinking of your next project.

Dream it…do it!

Enjoy the thrills of creating your personalized masterpiece with your own hands.
At Céramique Café, we invite everyone to have a taste of artistic pleasure in painting pottery.

Visiting Céramique Café will fill you with warmth and put you in food heaven



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